Leaders share insight at International Women’s Forum breakfast on how to empower the workforce to prioritise mental health

The International Women’s Forum (IWF), in association with Maudsley Learning at Work, today hosted a breakfast session in London with its UK members, exploring the importance of mental health at work.

The IWF connects preeminent women of significant and diverse achievement, bringing members together to share ideas and experience.

Maudsley Learning at Work’s Learning Director, Jane Beston, presented at this morning’s session, alongside Professor Neil Greenberg, Professor of Defence Mental Health, King’s College London.

The pair presented to IWF’s UK members on the topic of mental health at work. Jane spoke about the importance of mental health awareness in the workplace, and how to understand and promote mental health as an organisational resource.

“The first step in securing organisational change is to understand mental mental health and the language surrounding it,” Ms Beston explained.

“You can’t manage what you don’t understand. Line managers and company executives first need to understand what mental health is and its importance, before they can effectively manage and promote mental health in their workplaces.”

The organisational benefits of mental health literacy are huge. Staff feel engaged, validated and report higher levels of job satisfaction when their mental health is prioritised.”

Professor Greenberg, who served in the United Kingdom Armed Forces for more than 23 years as a psychiatrist and researcher, shared insight on what commercial workplaces can learn from the Armed Forces in the area of workplace mental health.

“The Armed Forces carry out challenging duties in high pressure environments. One of the most important mechanisms used by the military to maintain the resilience of its personnel is to ensure that all staff, including most importantly line mana‎gers, are aware of the potential of the challenges to impact upon mental health.”

“By fostering an environment in which personnel are able to ‘look out’ for each other, mentor and support those in need of support and refer on those those in need of professional assistance groups resilience is optimised. These lessons are equally as relevant to public and commercial organisations.”

For additional information, please contact Bridget Sheehan, Marketing Lead at Maudsley Learning at Work 07827 963 141.

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