Affiliate Programme

Mental Health at Work partners with a number of carefully selected training organisations and individuals to deliver workplace mental health training and education through our affiliate programme.

This programme has been developed in response to increasing demand from training professionals who have clients requesting support in managing mental health at work as part of an overall leadership or wellbeing programme, but recognise a lack of expertise in the subject area. Typically trainers were aware of the need to extend their existing range of offering to include components around mental health, but needed professional expertise from an established and credible operator as a critical component in the success of introducing a subject, which is seen as sensitive in many workplace environments.

Affiliates are carefully selected to ensure a broad geographical distribution and each one has a proven track record of success as skilled and competent facilitators and have a passion and commitment in reducing the stigma around mental health in the workplace.

Each Mental Health at Work affiliate trainer has undergone extensive training and assessment and are licenced to deliver Mental Health at Work training modules. This means they have been approved as being competent and confident in delivering both the training content and facilitation and delivery of active learning within workshop groups of varying size across a range of business environments. We consider Mental Health at Work’s facilitation style to be as much a part of our brand as the training content itself. Our philosophy is that facilitators have an essential role in simplifying the learning process for participants, without getting directly involved in the discussion content.

Our training and quality assurance process ensures thatMental Health at Work’s licensed Affiliates can confidently work to the expected level of quality, with reliable delivery, and accurate and consistent messages within the workshops which in turn will have a positive impact on their client’s organisational performance.

We provide ongoing support and mentorship opportunities to Affiliates, including face to face events, observation opportunities, updated training materials, new exercises and a complete suite of templates to support business development.

Clients may choose to work with an affiliate rather than directly withMental Health at Work due to existing relationships, ease of embedding within existing programme or geographical or industry expertise.

If you are interested in finding out more information on our affiliate programme, please contact

Key benefits to joining the affiliate programme

Growing your training business
Knowledge and expertise
Ongoing support including mentoring
Business and marketing support
Being part of a community of workplace mental health experts