About Us

We provide advice and consultancy to improve mental health within workplaces through education, skills development and cultural change.

Our bespoke, facilitated training will raise awareness of mental health issues, discuss appropriate language and challenge myths and assumptions in order to raise overall literacy around mental health and equip employees with the knowledge and skills to have conversations about mental health.  This is supported by line manager skills, guidance, practical application and organisational support to ensure that consideration of mental health is promoted as an integral part of working life. The training is flexibly constructed to meet the needs of any organisation irrespective of size, industry or workplace settings.

We all have mental health, which moves along a continuum from wellness through to issues and may progress to illness and we need a level of understanding and awareness to have the confidence to manage this within the workplace. Progressive employers have been providing awareness training for health and wellness to their employees for many years, but our programme provides an opportunity to provide this for mental health.

About Us Mental Health at Work